System Based Training™


Sports and Data Science

Biomarker Analysis

Biomarkers, found in blood, are analyzed to identify indicators that are linked to underperformance, metabolic dysfunction, injuries, and overall health

Training Load Optimization

Training load is based on each athlete’s actual physiological readiness. Optimal load for peak performance is based on a dynamic training model.

Underperformance and “Overtraining Syndrome”

GO! Athletics is the leader in evaluating and managing metabolic load and providing individualized solutions for underperformance, training load imbalance, physiological dysfunction, metabolic System Shutdown and “Overtraining Syndrome.” The GO! Athletics team specializes in developing customized programs to return acute or chronic cases of fatigued, under-fueled, or metabolically dysfunctional athletes back to peak performance.

Recovery Protocols

Individualized solutions to accelerate recovery are grounded in 16 years of data analysis of 90,000+ athlete tests across multiple sports.

Predictive Analytics

Athlete-specific predictive analytics, based on GO! Athletics proprietary longitudinal database and algorithms, is used to identify indicators of training load imbalance (System Shutdown), injury risk, and performance capabilities in measured variable sports.