Hazel Clark
3 Time Olympian, (Track 800m) Nike Athlete

“Shannon’s expertise and knowledge helped me run my personal best in the 800m, win 7 US National titles, and make 3 Olympic teams. Go! Athletics can help any athlete take their performance to the next level.”

Amy Horst
Head Coach, Loyola University Track and Cross Country

“I began working with Shannon when I was experiencing frustration with an athlete who was stagnant in training and racing. The training progress and racing expectations weren’t lining up. The first PPT we ran with her gave me all the information I needed to help guide her to new 10k (track) personal bests in only 8 weeks. Since then I’ve transitioned all my athletes to regular PPT testing and have seen outstanding results in training and competition. The specific individual information I’m able to use for each athlete allows us to train as a group while challenging each individual appropriately. Further, I see that athletes are able to recover faster and workout harder, translating to better long term health as a runner with less illness and injury. Particularly with developmental level athletes knowing the individual strengths and weakness really allows me to effectively train them to see healthy results faster!”

Liz Costello
Professional Runner, 1 x Pan American Games finalist

“Using the results from physiological testing as a guide to formulate a training plan, Shannon helped me select and prepare for several races during the spring of 2014. The most notable of those races was a win at the Brooklyn Half Marathon in a then personal best and Marathon Olympic Trials qualifying time of 1:13:29.”


Will Purman
2015 World Championships Qualifier

“After taking an extensive break from rowing in 2015, I was given the rare opportunity to represent my second nationality (Puerto Rico) at the world rowing championships. With only about 8 weeks to go before the World Championships I rushed to Shannon for her expert advice. With Shannon’s personalized System Based Training plan I was able to get back to international level speed in a very short amount of time and set a flat water PR. I look forward to continuing System Based Training in my preparation for Olympic qualification. I hope to represent Puerto Rico and Go! Athletics in Rio next Summer.”

Jerry Cosgrove

“Shannon’s methods are one of the most sophisticated approaches we have seen in the US.”

Jonathan DelBrugge
Professional MMA Fighter
JJ Clark
Head Coach, University of Connecticut Track And Field

“Over the course of 4 years (2002-2005), the University of Tennessee Women’s track program utilized physiological testing data to turn an ordinary track team into NCAA team champions (2002- NCAA 53rd place, 2003- 23rd place, 2004- 4th place, 2005- 1st place). “Since 1999, Shannon has provided pertinent testing and data that has helped in the development of optimal training programs for my athletes. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable in the application of Exercise Physiology for training and competition. Physiological Profile Testing allows each athlete to get the most out of their abilities.”


Gavin O'Neal
Boise State, Assistant Track and Field Coach

“Go! Athletics has presented our coaching staff with a sophisticated tool to aid us in understanding our athletes physiology. The methodology of system based training can help any athlete improve their performances.”

Chris Tarello
Monmouth University, Assistant Track and Field Coach

“I approached Shannon Grady, and GO! Athletics because I had a very special athlete that I wanted to make sure was receiving the appropriate training at any given time of the year. I wanted the guesswork of what to do when and how fast or slow taken out of the equation. After several months of working closely with Shannon, the result was my athlete improving from 1:49 for 800 meters to 1:46.70 and becoming a runner up at the 2015 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships. The experience was so successful and so enjoyable that the following year we decided to implement System Based Training™ with the entire program, and have seen similar improvements across the board both male and female. I would recommend Shannon Grady and GO! Athletics to not only inexperienced coaches just getting started in their coaching career, but also to experienced coaches looking to try to take their programs to a new level.”

Ryan Comstock
West Chester University, Cross Country & Track Coach

“I started using Shannon’s physiological profile testing after 11 years of coaching and developing 11 state champions.  I felt the need to do something different and better. Having already known Shannon for many years, I first witnessed her testing when I helped pace my former athlete Liz Costello through a testing session.  Liz’s 5k and 10k’s saw huge improvements under JJ Clark and Shannon’s testing so I was very interested in the scientific individualization. Getting a few of my top athletes to test for the first time was an exciting new experience.  It was such a great feeling to know exactly what each individual needed to work on and how. Come pre-season I no longer needed to use a time trial or a race to determine who ran over the summer. Not only do I now know who ran but more important I know who ran the smartest.  After several years I now have the majority of my distance runners testing 4 times per year. I see more and more athletes running faster with greater ease. My athletes are now doing workouts based on their physiological readiness and not just based on a calendar. I give my highest recommendation of Shannon’s physiological profile testing for any athlete or coach who is looking to develop fast and healthy athletes.”