Physiological Profile testing (PPT) will provide an in-depth analysis of each equine athlete’s physiological and metabolic status so coaches/trainers can gather further insight as to the health and fitness status of each athlete. PPT is a unique, data-driven performance analytics assessment which improves and enhances the training regimen in high-performance horses. PPT provides essential metabolic data for achieving the optimal performance within each horse. By using PPT, you will know the key metabolic performance drivers of each individual horse to guide daily training sessions.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Training

  • BioEnergetic Power Scores (BEPS) provides quantifiable indications of positive or negative training responses in each animal
  • Provides individualized daily training parameters to optimize all metabolic areas pertinent to performance improvements and recovery
  • Improves performance of the animal – including but not limited to speed, endurance, reaction & recovery time
  • Provides individualized, data-based parameters for the training of each animal to
    avoid overreaching, metabolic overload, and repetitive overuse injuries

Keys To Performance Success

  • Individualized training
  • Optimized metabolic and performance outputs
  • Appropriate daily training load and recovery
  • Daily training governors to avoid over reaching or overuse injuries and metabolic declines
  • Achieve desired training response with high efficacy
  • Monitor and optimize recovery, training response, and metabolic demands effects of daily, weekly, monthly and year training loads

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