Shannon Grady is Founder & CEO of GO! Athletics. She is the global leader in application of lactate dynamics for human performance optimization. She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of applied Physiology and Exercise Science. In over fifteen years as an industry leader in sports performance management, Shannon has worked with over 9,000 athletes, including Olympic, professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in over 15 sports; including Olympic, World Champions/Medalists and NCAA Champions.

Shannon’s career began in 1999, as a Sports Physiologist for the United States Olympic Committee(USOC), where she provided physiological testing and feedback to athletes and coaches representing nearly all U.S Olympic and National Teams. It quickly became evident to Shannon that there was a significant gap between the testing results and the application of that data. Shannon isolated the need to create an innovative approach to designing and implementing a comprehensive training model based on the dynamic nature of physiology; thus the evolution of System Based Training™.

Shannon’s expertise in the field of physiology both as a practitioner and as an academic, has resulted in her becoming a sought-after presenter, lecturer, and researcher at premier organizations such as: United States Olympic Committee (USOC), U.S Track & Field and Cross Country Association, University of Florida, University of Miami, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Shannon graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S and M.S in Exercise Physiology/Biochemistry. Shannon is a NCAA All-American, 5-time Team USA Triathlon with 4 Top-10 ITU World Championship finishes.


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Go! Athletics collaborates with our clients to maximize performance. The GO! Squad provides consultations and synergistic efforts to coaches, athletes, and individuals via our System Based Training platform.

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