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Go! Athletics has developed a sophisticated sports performance monitoring and assessment platform for analysis, evaluation, and BioEnergetic Power Score (BEPS)™ data called System Based Training™. BEPS, quantify internal human power output which can be applied to daily training plans and gauge performance capabilities.


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Go! Athletics has worked with 1000s of clients from all levels of performance, a plethora of sports, and recreational fitness enthusiasts over the past 15 years.

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Go! Athletics collaborates with our clients to maximize performance. The Go! Team provides consultations and synergistic efforts to coaches, athletes, and individuals via our System Based Training platform.

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Go! Athletics helped us establish individualized training plans for each runner on our team. By using the testing information and having our athletes wear heart rate monitors, we knew they were in the right training zones and we knew they were not over working on the recovery days. The result was that everyone ran their best at the end of the season.
Steve Shaklee
Head Track
& Cross Country Coach
Cherokee High School


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